Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Expectant Blabbering thought-flow....!

We are 6 billion and counting
We are on this earth mounting
Turmoil is a daily cause for us
Something we cannot distrust
There is one common mistake we make
Whatever the cause, whether give or take
But one thing is for sure
This mistake is also caused by those pure
The mistake is redundant
We are always expectant!
We expect from someone
We expect from something
we expect things to happen our way
when they don’t we choose the highway!
We scream and shout
We can only see doubt!
It is an experience which blinds
Expectancy binds.

One fine night i expected
The special one to come and make me elated
But in came a call
And i had to roam alone in the mall
The planning the excitement
The crash of all the arrangement
She said she cant come
Wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for mum!
The feeling was that of acid
I was burning with tragic
The ripping of expectancy
The neurosis of hope
All down to nothing!
This soul of ours is the one who is good
The mind treats this as negativity’s food
I can only see –ve
No more hurray and yippee!
I don’t want to talk to her!
Her mistake?? Big mouth bummer!
Great soul and pure heart
But did not heed
How i asked her to start
She paid, cried, had to be taken care off
I wasn’t around her....felt like smoking Davidoff!
Lets get drunk, puke faced and high
There’s no time for tears and sigh
Cause it was reality
She had crossed all boundaries of excitement
She had been in false light
Cant recognise people and their might!
The whole haphazard poetry
Is the reflection of a day so sultry
So dry, so drunk at the same time!
Lets get high, lets puke, lets not care about a single dime!
When you cross
Always look, always stop!
Always pause, always calculate
Use cause and effect
It hasn’t been taught for nothing!
Teachers dont preach for nothing!
Then people see my fault
They ask me to bow, to go through an ego-jolt!
Ha! Who knows what?
Goes through the mind of a loner so taught!
It wasn’t ego but anger
for all, it was only she who was petrified
until we talked and she said i didn’t care!
No more talking i said, dont even dare!
But the heart burns for her
After all she’s part of me
I can say whatever in anger
Sorry baby, lemme put on my wrangler
And get out of this situation of danger
Danger of relations
Breaking and taking
A beating!
There’s one thing i always want me to do
I always want me to love you.

Jouney Away From Home

When I touched my soil,
And I saw the palace towers,
A break from daily turmoil,
And i begin counting my 48 hours!
I reached, I loved, I enjoyed
I watched, smelt and rejoiced
And at this moment i realise
My time here is over- not a surprise!

As i speed down the western,
See the fading lantern.
I try to search for my light,
My house, my life,
All those hugs so tight....
But all i can do is just search
While losing my might.

Why does time play games?
As i recollect my memory frames
What i realise is true
Moments when time is slow are very few!
My journey begins here...
Away from the place where hearts are near,
Down trickles a tear,
A tear of nostalgia....not fear.
Back to the land of babes, clubs and beer
Far from that which is dear!

I feel as the train surges
To run back home is one of my urges...
And it is with a certain misleading pang
That at least one thing awaits me--- MY GANG!

Its the end of a jolly day
From home i go away
To the land where opportunities lay,
But i’ll miss it anyway!
Its hard to accept home away from home,
Where i don’t know where to roam.
Where to find my love?
As even a hug is as rare as a dove!
I don’t know where to run!
Where do i hide?
I don’t find a lot of fun
On the island of the high tide!

I’m trying to get used to it....
But my result....i forfeit!
I cry....i scream
To let me die!!
But is it all worth...
Because even here there is joy, there is mirth!

I see my friends who like me...
They love me...
They don’t deserve my mood!
I shouldn’t let them see i brood!
So i smile...as home rushes away,
Counting each mile, coach on a side sway!

A certain pain fills me
As i move along....
I know i’ll be alone....
My mode of love, laughter, touch to all now limited to a phone!
But i have to go...
To the world i still have to show
That even i can become a media maestro!

I feel as the train surges
To run back home is one of my urges....
And it is with a certain misleading pang...
I know at least one thing awaits me---- MY GANG!

Save The World

The times have changed since long
People aren’t as brave and strong
The threat is alive and seen
It has long since been
But no one had a doubt as it turned
As it swirled
As it twirled
That one would secretly beg
Save the world!

When you walk out into the streets
Your eye burns and retreats
You tend to screen
For some green
But all you see are things which are mean.
We are walking on the earth since time existed
It never asked us to step down, never persisted.
Always let us carry on
Not only that, but gave us all that we want.

Things have changed
Where is the pink in the flowers?
Where is the shine of marble towers?
I can feel the stink in the sewers
The grey from eight wheeled trailers.
But still it twirls, still it swirls
It has never begged you but now
It is begging you to save the world.

You cannot see it if you don’t have the eyes
To comprehend this, you do not need spies.
It is plain and simple
It is right there.
You can see it only if you care

It is in the cry of a child
It is in the absence of the wild
It is in the smoke of the wind
It is in the blackening rind.
It is the air that is craving
For it cannot keep so many of us breathing
It is in the rose that costs
Because today many of them have been lost.
As it swirled
As it twirled
Everyone secretly begs
Save the world!

It shows in the way we feel ill
We can see it when the leaves are still
No more breeze one day
Did the sun also give up in dismay?
The stars are decreasing
Their shine diminishing
Is it a magic trick or illusion?
Ha! I always underestimated the strength of pollution!

Save the world oh inhabitant!
Or else the apples will get more and more rotten.
And remember, one apple such
Can make the whole basket forgotten
Let us all unite save the world
Let’s make it a better place to live
Let us bring back the colours which made our day
Let us use our power so that happier we can stay.

The Lonely Valentine

The world is of terror and hate
And towards hell has opened the gate.
You never know who crooked or straight
You never know when its too late

But these gates have one more way
Just hope- on this road you stray
Because only the lucky go there,
There- to the love fair.

Because every year on this day,
On the fourteenth of three months before May,
A day comes when only love does shine,
A day dedicated to St. Valentine.

But while things look nice and cosy
And couples are at their most rosy,
A boy lets his heart be stone
Cold and hard, he’s all alone.

This may seem tragic
To those who believe in love magic.
A magic which has a stage
A stage which holds him hostage.

And as the boy sits brooding
Looking at the lovely exchange of words,
He knows he has someone waiting,
A someone who’s more beautiful than all these girls!
He remembers how those days were,
Those days which were spent with her.
And a smile creeps up his face
As he does a memory trace,
Trace to the day they first met,
Everything was fine, but his eyes were wet.

Why cannot with her he be?
Why? Maybe this is life and reality!
But those days were not far from soon
When he too will be with her,
With her under the moon!
Under the moon, the perfect pair
Maybe that day will be his love-fair,
The love fair, which only two will share.
And in that fair those who tread
Will help them paint the fair red.

Red with love, not with blood
Because that is what one day will flood-
Flood with blood, stone and mud.
But on the fourteenth of three months before May,
Every year on this day
A day comes when love will shine
Shine so bright for St. Valentine!

But with all thought and done
A boy is present who can’t run,
Who can’t run, to his beloved
But instead to his bed,
Because that is where his tears will be shed!
Let those tears be shed, and felt
As it will help the cold heart melt.
Let it melt, on the cold stone,
The cold stone, where he will sit all day alone!

I See

Somewhere in hearts I see phlegm
Somewhere I see trauma.
For those responsible for them
In their eyes I see drama!

Somewhere I see how today
Has changed the meaning of gay.
Somewhere I see how the pillar of society drops
At the sight of falling spaghetti tops.

Somewhere I see how the rain
Gives birth to poetry.
Somewhere I see unbearable pain
Mothered by murder and treachery.

Somewhere I see the modern in rave parties, mixing tracks
To them only sex attracts.
After seeing such
It won’t surprise me much
To see terrorists spreading torment
Apparently for them, love is not apparent.

I Walk The Streets Alone

When I breathe
There is no one to feel its warmth,
When I dream
There is no one to save me from the storm.
When I sing
There is no one to pay heed
When I do one
There are none to see my good deed.
When I’m tired as I leap
There is no one to put me asleep.
When I wake
There is no one to make
A cup of tea and a little bit of cake.
When I wander away
Wondering at my fate in dismay
I find myself forlorn
As I walk the streets alone.

When I feel happiness
And monotony I want to repair
There is no one but me and despair.
When I get more than I want
And this I write in bold font
There is no one to take care
And let me experience how to share.
When I am overwhelmed
From such feelings that have stemmed
There is no one to cure my sears
Alas! No one’s shoulders will hold my tears!
I see all this in shock
Is it the Almighty’s mock?
But then I realise I walk the streets alone
This is what makes me feel so torn....

I may be bright
I may have all the youthful might!
But if only I had a right
To make someone see from my sight
Even they would fail to see sense in this constant fight!
I may be street smart and sly
But still at small things I cry.
Has this place made me strong, or weak?
I cannot understand
Whether it has made me wild or meek!
It is tough
Such an ocean of feelings is usually very rough
I do not feel surprise
At why I feel overjoyed when another morning is baptised
Because one more day has passed
One less day I will mourn
On why I walk the streets alone.

How I Wish

There’s always a time when you think
Its that time when something occurs
And you cant find a link
A link which would explain
Why everything you ever possessed, you couldn’t retain

At that time you please
If you could only just wish
In that same way I thought
And to you this poem I brought.

How I wish I could
Do things I would
How I wish I could choose between heaven and hell.
How I wish I could choose between say and tell.
How I wish I could choose between
Darkness or the cold within.
How I wish I could choose between clothes or skin.
How I wish I could choose between crazy or mad
How I wish I wouldn’t be confused between mom and dad.
How I wish I could fly in the air
How I wish I could everything repair
How I wish there was no despair.
How I wish I could choose between country and self
How I wish I could choose between the TV and the bookshelf.
How I wish there was no strain
If only I could make choice between sadness and pain.
How I wish I could vanquish the desire
Of never getting tired
And accept the fact that I too will be old
And everything I touch will not become gold.

The self is confusing
The more you give it
The more it will want in taking.
Even if wishes I would be grant few
I would want to make everything I wish true.

How I wish I could always be right
How I wish I could choose between day and night
Because both of them are a beautiful sight.
How I wish I could with everyone make amend
How I wish I would always have a girlfriend.
How I wish I could tell
That I always felt
I was more mature than you ever thought
I am the one you always sought.
How I wish I could identify the clever and the fool
How I wish I could choose between home and school.
How I wish I could stitch
Each and every one of my glitch.
How I wish I would never be glamorous
But instead always be humorous!

How I wish I would not easily trust
And identify what was unfair and what was just.
How I wish I would never be political
And not play the game
Of not being honourable
And do anything for fame.
How I wish I would never scream
How I wish I would always sweet-dream.
How I wish I could choose
And with all my enemies make a truce.
How I wish I would never lie
How I wish I would never die.
How I wish I could sacrifice all my desire
And at peace, lay on my pyre.
Shed myself as a whole
And give way to my soul.
How I wish I would never wish
And always for the world create a niche.
How I wish I could never forget
How I wish I would never regret
How I wish I could always hold
Memory close to my hand
And remember that time is told
To vanish like footprints on sand.