Monday, February 2, 2009


We all imagine of remembrance forever

A talent none of us can have ever

But all of us can dream together


We all imagine how moments could be captured forever

An imagination which none of us could turn into reality

But this time it was not going to be never

Because someone out of us found out a way

To make something out of our mind’s unprecedented tray


A small print etched in black and white forever

It was not long before someone gave it colour


The photograph was born

It was made so that man’s memory would not be torn

The small print was slowly a revolution

It started becoming a steady evolution


We needed to call the device a name

We needed to keep the result in a frame

And the click was found and the shutter was given the weight of trapping time

The picture captured forever in a colourful plethora

We simply called it a camera


As man always finds a new way

He found one for another desire

He decided he wants movement to stay

To stop, to pause, rewind and to play

We already listened to music on the stereo

This phenomenon of kidnapped movement

Was simply called video


As I look back today at my own pictures and videos

I try to recollect what I was thinking

But alas, time can be captured, thoughts not

It is a fact that cannot be changed, so do not be distraught


I remember how we posed

How we were tricked into having our picture taken when dosed

Friends arm in arms, hands over shoulders

Piggy back at times and resting over boulders

Sleeping in green grass, sipping coke from each other’s glass

Munching on our favourite food

A smile at times, occasionally a brood

Caught in expressions we never see in a mirror

Looking at the results with some apprehension and fear

Am I looking good? Should I have sat or should I have stood?

How is the smile? How is the pout?

Am I that tall, am I that stout?


The fun, the frolic is caught forever

Times which will never come back

Let us look at the good times while brewing hot tea on a burner

For other problems, I hope we invent a time turner.

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