Monday, February 2, 2009

The Unpredictable Shore

It was a roadside of a big city

Beautiful but none the less dirty.

Sitting on the stone were four

looking toward the calm shore.

We wondered how the moon

Can pull water so soon

And each and every wave

Was Moon's gravity crave.

We thought how such calm can suddenly erupt

And all this peace it can disrupt.

The moon listened to this

how we questioned its fame

And hid behind a cloud in shame.

The breaze russled our hair

As we felt the cool sea air.

Doubts were cast

On how the tsunami can take lives so fast.

Listening to all this it thought

It should vanish now better than not.

Our brains thought about swimming

When it saw the water- silver and shimmering.

As the world allowed us a glimpse of nature

I could see it was tricking us

As the background was filled with buildings of tall stature.

Was all hope lost

As we saw the water's edges being tossed?

Waiting for something we four

Sat on this dirty but quiet shore.

Who knows what the sea is cooking

Maybe we might be its next ingredient in picking?


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