Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Expectant Blabbering thought-flow....!

We are 6 billion and counting
We are on this earth mounting
Turmoil is a daily cause for us
Something we cannot distrust
There is one common mistake we make
Whatever the cause, whether give or take
But one thing is for sure
This mistake is also caused by those pure
The mistake is redundant
We are always expectant!
We expect from someone
We expect from something
we expect things to happen our way
when they don’t we choose the highway!
We scream and shout
We can only see doubt!
It is an experience which blinds
Expectancy binds.

One fine night i expected
The special one to come and make me elated
But in came a call
And i had to roam alone in the mall
The planning the excitement
The crash of all the arrangement
She said she cant come
Wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for mum!
The feeling was that of acid
I was burning with tragic
The ripping of expectancy
The neurosis of hope
All down to nothing!
This soul of ours is the one who is good
The mind treats this as negativity’s food
I can only see –ve
No more hurray and yippee!
I don’t want to talk to her!
Her mistake?? Big mouth bummer!
Great soul and pure heart
But did not heed
How i asked her to start
She paid, cried, had to be taken care off
I wasn’t around her....felt like smoking Davidoff!
Lets get drunk, puke faced and high
There’s no time for tears and sigh
Cause it was reality
She had crossed all boundaries of excitement
She had been in false light
Cant recognise people and their might!
The whole haphazard poetry
Is the reflection of a day so sultry
So dry, so drunk at the same time!
Lets get high, lets puke, lets not care about a single dime!
When you cross
Always look, always stop!
Always pause, always calculate
Use cause and effect
It hasn’t been taught for nothing!
Teachers dont preach for nothing!
Then people see my fault
They ask me to bow, to go through an ego-jolt!
Ha! Who knows what?
Goes through the mind of a loner so taught!
It wasn’t ego but anger
for all, it was only she who was petrified
until we talked and she said i didn’t care!
No more talking i said, dont even dare!
But the heart burns for her
After all she’s part of me
I can say whatever in anger
Sorry baby, lemme put on my wrangler
And get out of this situation of danger
Danger of relations
Breaking and taking
A beating!
There’s one thing i always want me to do
I always want me to love you.


Jess Dhar said...

All your thoughts flow just like you think. Very heart catching and new thoughts. I am sure you will travel a long way, whether its in your 'thoughts', or, in your 'actions'. I love the way you pour down your feelings on the electronic pages. Keep it up. Love you.
Lots of hugs & kisses

S.T.A.L.K.E.R said...

Hey Pulasta u rock man , ur english is fabulous..gr8 effort buddy and I just love the Title of ur blog The Pensieve :D

Keep up the gud work man , and i will keep checking ur blog :)

btw Fifa 09 cming out on 14th Oct, cant wait to play :D

Shoaib Merchant

Jess Dhar said...

As I told you before, when you get love, grab it. If you dont get it, don't feel bad. But don't forget it.