Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Walk The Streets Alone

When I breathe
There is no one to feel its warmth,
When I dream
There is no one to save me from the storm.
When I sing
There is no one to pay heed
When I do one
There are none to see my good deed.
When I’m tired as I leap
There is no one to put me asleep.
When I wake
There is no one to make
A cup of tea and a little bit of cake.
When I wander away
Wondering at my fate in dismay
I find myself forlorn
As I walk the streets alone.

When I feel happiness
And monotony I want to repair
There is no one but me and despair.
When I get more than I want
And this I write in bold font
There is no one to take care
And let me experience how to share.
When I am overwhelmed
From such feelings that have stemmed
There is no one to cure my sears
Alas! No one’s shoulders will hold my tears!
I see all this in shock
Is it the Almighty’s mock?
But then I realise I walk the streets alone
This is what makes me feel so torn....

I may be bright
I may have all the youthful might!
But if only I had a right
To make someone see from my sight
Even they would fail to see sense in this constant fight!
I may be street smart and sly
But still at small things I cry.
Has this place made me strong, or weak?
I cannot understand
Whether it has made me wild or meek!
It is tough
Such an ocean of feelings is usually very rough
I do not feel surprise
At why I feel overjoyed when another morning is baptised
Because one more day has passed
One less day I will mourn
On why I walk the streets alone.

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