Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Jouney Away From Home

When I touched my soil,
And I saw the palace towers,
A break from daily turmoil,
And i begin counting my 48 hours!
I reached, I loved, I enjoyed
I watched, smelt and rejoiced
And at this moment i realise
My time here is over- not a surprise!

As i speed down the western,
See the fading lantern.
I try to search for my light,
My house, my life,
All those hugs so tight....
But all i can do is just search
While losing my might.

Why does time play games?
As i recollect my memory frames
What i realise is true
Moments when time is slow are very few!
My journey begins here...
Away from the place where hearts are near,
Down trickles a tear,
A tear of nostalgia....not fear.
Back to the land of babes, clubs and beer
Far from that which is dear!

I feel as the train surges
To run back home is one of my urges...
And it is with a certain misleading pang
That at least one thing awaits me--- MY GANG!

Its the end of a jolly day
From home i go away
To the land where opportunities lay,
But i’ll miss it anyway!
Its hard to accept home away from home,
Where i don’t know where to roam.
Where to find my love?
As even a hug is as rare as a dove!
I don’t know where to run!
Where do i hide?
I don’t find a lot of fun
On the island of the high tide!

I’m trying to get used to it....
But my result....i forfeit!
I cry....i scream
To let me die!!
But is it all worth...
Because even here there is joy, there is mirth!

I see my friends who like me...
They love me...
They don’t deserve my mood!
I shouldn’t let them see i brood!
So i smile...as home rushes away,
Counting each mile, coach on a side sway!

A certain pain fills me
As i move along....
I know i’ll be alone....
My mode of love, laughter, touch to all now limited to a phone!
But i have to go...
To the world i still have to show
That even i can become a media maestro!

I feel as the train surges
To run back home is one of my urges....
And it is with a certain misleading pang...
I know at least one thing awaits me---- MY GANG!

1 comment:

Parshad Patel said...

it reminds me of every moment i lived in past..
its gr8.. loved it mahn..!!