Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Lonely Valentine

The world is of terror and hate
And towards hell has opened the gate.
You never know who crooked or straight
You never know when its too late

But these gates have one more way
Just hope- on this road you stray
Because only the lucky go there,
There- to the love fair.

Because every year on this day,
On the fourteenth of three months before May,
A day comes when only love does shine,
A day dedicated to St. Valentine.

But while things look nice and cosy
And couples are at their most rosy,
A boy lets his heart be stone
Cold and hard, he’s all alone.

This may seem tragic
To those who believe in love magic.
A magic which has a stage
A stage which holds him hostage.

And as the boy sits brooding
Looking at the lovely exchange of words,
He knows he has someone waiting,
A someone who’s more beautiful than all these girls!
He remembers how those days were,
Those days which were spent with her.
And a smile creeps up his face
As he does a memory trace,
Trace to the day they first met,
Everything was fine, but his eyes were wet.

Why cannot with her he be?
Why? Maybe this is life and reality!
But those days were not far from soon
When he too will be with her,
With her under the moon!
Under the moon, the perfect pair
Maybe that day will be his love-fair,
The love fair, which only two will share.
And in that fair those who tread
Will help them paint the fair red.

Red with love, not with blood
Because that is what one day will flood-
Flood with blood, stone and mud.
But on the fourteenth of three months before May,
Every year on this day
A day comes when love will shine
Shine so bright for St. Valentine!

But with all thought and done
A boy is present who can’t run,
Who can’t run, to his beloved
But instead to his bed,
Because that is where his tears will be shed!
Let those tears be shed, and felt
As it will help the cold heart melt.
Let it melt, on the cold stone,
The cold stone, where he will sit all day alone!


Parshad Patel said...

It's seriously a thought worth taking into account of hearts..
It's great work.. carved from its beauty.. loved it buddy..!!

Roma said...

aaaawwweeeessssooommmmeeee work dear...!!!
really really touching....!!!!

megha said...

THIS IS 1 OF UR BEST PENNED WORK!! out of the world!! amazing!!