Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Save The World

The times have changed since long
People aren’t as brave and strong
The threat is alive and seen
It has long since been
But no one had a doubt as it turned
As it swirled
As it twirled
That one would secretly beg
Save the world!

When you walk out into the streets
Your eye burns and retreats
You tend to screen
For some green
But all you see are things which are mean.
We are walking on the earth since time existed
It never asked us to step down, never persisted.
Always let us carry on
Not only that, but gave us all that we want.

Things have changed
Where is the pink in the flowers?
Where is the shine of marble towers?
I can feel the stink in the sewers
The grey from eight wheeled trailers.
But still it twirls, still it swirls
It has never begged you but now
It is begging you to save the world.

You cannot see it if you don’t have the eyes
To comprehend this, you do not need spies.
It is plain and simple
It is right there.
You can see it only if you care

It is in the cry of a child
It is in the absence of the wild
It is in the smoke of the wind
It is in the blackening rind.
It is the air that is craving
For it cannot keep so many of us breathing
It is in the rose that costs
Because today many of them have been lost.
As it swirled
As it twirled
Everyone secretly begs
Save the world!

It shows in the way we feel ill
We can see it when the leaves are still
No more breeze one day
Did the sun also give up in dismay?
The stars are decreasing
Their shine diminishing
Is it a magic trick or illusion?
Ha! I always underestimated the strength of pollution!

Save the world oh inhabitant!
Or else the apples will get more and more rotten.
And remember, one apple such
Can make the whole basket forgotten
Let us all unite save the world
Let’s make it a better place to live
Let us bring back the colours which made our day
Let us use our power so that happier we can stay.

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