Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Alpha-male

We have to understand

That as the most advanced race

We were bound to differ

And thus the contrast between male and female face.

The Alpha-male,

A bag full of self-esteem

According to him, his thoughts never stale

Alone in his world he wants to gleam.

The suppressed female,

Giving in to demands of the Alpha

Leaves behind a luscious trail

Whether naked or from behind a burqa.

The problem arises in its ultimate stage

When one or the other traits mix

And in a fit of rage

You explode into life’s perennial fix!

I will not deter from what I here say

That the succulent female body

Cannot house the Adam’s ego

Just like the whites could never accommodate the negro.

Similarly today’s dominant male

Or yesterday’s commanding chains

Confused as to who holds the reins

Knowing that a single female trait he cannot contain.

Unless the fairer sex will not give in

The relentless male will continue to dig in

Eat away the selfless female soul

Continue to make mountains out of the mole.

I say rise o rise, you beautiful maid

Fight the tyranny, don’t let him raid

Bring the alpha down to Beta grade

Don’t think the male can never fade.

But don’t try to house it o lovely

The male ego can be deadly

Avoid its sting

Its endless whim

I know the doom it can bring….

Because I, I am HIM!!

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