Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Harbouring feelings is not an easy task

You cannot hide them behind a mask

Depression, remorse, nostalgia and pain

Can all make you stand in front of a rushing train.

When the skies do not open for years

The water accumulates as a farmer’s tears

‘No harvest oh God!’ He cries…'please let loose the rain!'

Not a drop….that is pain.

The yearn for a child

Soon after the bond of marriage

The fall from the steps

The blood-stain

‘Sorry ma’m, it is a miscarriage’

9 months of ecstasy turns to pain.

The Russian summer of 1991

At the bottle of vodka everyone gets a turn

One day it snows out of season

The fall of communism

No more money, cash or shares

Alas, no more grain

‘Sorry son, no bread today’

Thought the father….that is pain!

The killer brown hair

Made them stare

The curvaceous waist

Took the form of haste

How could they refrain?

‘Rape, rape!’ she cried……that is pain.

Wife in waiting

She prepared his favourite dish,

Lemon rice and honey-glazed fish.

They saw it go over the Atlantic....

Carried 300 people

In man’s greatest invention

‘I love you’ was his last mention

Twins of New York killed…devastation

The food went cold

Life mercilessly slain

Terrorism….that is pain!

Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, Thriller and Earth

Your laughter and your innocent mirth

The gloved hand and silver jacket

All now adorned in a golden casket.

No familiar ‘God Bless You’

No moonwalk

Gone is the voice with the beautiful strain

Rest in Peace MJ….now that is pain!

When I saw the lion in all its glory

I didn’t want this story

To stop

But someone reached earlier


Blood, bones and paws but no grizzly mane

The King is poached….jungle silent

That….that is pain!

From the tears of a farmer

To the cry of a mother

The fall of communism

The end of the King of Pop but not his rhythm,

Poaching and terrorism

To virginity shattered in a single scream across the quiet lane.

Forgive me for documenting all this in words

I hope you will not let your feelings for me wane

Because that….that would also be Pain.

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