Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fire and Ice

To Veeral on his 20th:

When I first saw him,

Slim, trim, glasses with a plastic rim.

Eleven we were,

In that camp during summer.

When we parted, it was brief

We would rejoin in school mischief.

When I then saw him,

Not much of a change,

Silence, less talk

Not overly confident, but not a dork.

This was just the beginning

Of a companionship so thrilling.

Excuse me, but I’m going to talk about myself

In glowing lines which brings out my best.

Short compared to the tall,

Talkative compared to the listener,

Impatient compared to the patient.

Interested to the not-so.

They say two must compliment each other

To tether

For a lifetime these memories will suffice,

I hope you liked the first few lines of Fire and Ice.

I write, he reads

I speak, he heeds

I fight, he only might

I always told him to stand up, speak up

But he never really reacted much!

Then so be it I said,

Dropped the idea, that everyone is made

Like me, for me

There are some who are there just so

As I come to this world and go

To be.

I always wondered, why do we never fight?

When was it last?

I’m sure it was quite in the past

How many times?

Once, no maybe twice

How could we? I was fire, and he ice.

I hope he learnt how to crackle like the fire,

Cause I tried to gather like ice.

I hope he learnt how to be noticed from distance

Cause I try to keep myself from resistance

I hope he learnt how to face the world

Cause I try to stay calm, not to let the anger unfurl

I hope he learnt to manage

Because I try to envisage

I hope he received some of my linguistics

I must admit, I never got his mathematics.

I hope the world he does entice

I hope we always remain like Fire and Ice.

There are times when I think

What if it would end…this link.

I know we’ll try our best

To beat time’s test.

I know we will

After eighty more years still

Be friends until all our wishes we fulfill

And the dawn no more we wish to see and this world we want to flee

All our virtues intact, and forgotten vice,

And we shall depart as Fire and Ice.

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